Happy New Year!

I want to take this chance to wish everyone a warm welcome to the lucky year 2011! Why lucky, you say? I have listened to many a resolution via friends that will involve determination, patience, and joy. Many include spending more time with loved ones, cherishing the beautiful moments in life, being healthy, taking more risks. 2010 was not the best year for a lot of people, and 2011 is lucky to be the following year that is giving people that extra bit of strength and hope they need. Besides being an odd number, I have great hopes and feelings for this particular year. It is going to be 365 days full of people and things I love most in life including (but not limited to): my beautiful sisters, my supportive dad, my entire extended family, fashion photography, my new fun and creative coworkers, running, my new love for yoga, attending at least as many concerts as last year, continued peace within, reading in coffee shops, surpassing the money we have raised to beat breast cancer, shooting with film and, most importantly, posting on this blog at least one day per week. I have been so blessed with your encouragement, and I owe it to you to share the beauty I see. I hope you see 2011 as lucky, and take advantage of all a new beginning has to offer. Show kindness, be selfish, drink wine, travel to see friends, call your grandma, tell your roommates how much you love them – do whatever you need to do to make each day what you can be proud of. And at the end of it, smile! ❤

The following is a series of photographs that my sister Katie and I witnessed while driving on Thanksgiving. We were traveling from my mom’s sister’s house to my dad’s mom’s house – spending an equal amount of time with both families during the holidays. This is both a challenge and a joy – we would love to have the luxury of spending the full day with all of our loved ones. Katie and I were in absolute awe of the serenity and coloring of the sunset. We both silently shared the admiration and peace. I also felt a strong sense of our mom there, giving us a beautiful backdrop while carrying us safely from one destination to the next. I hope you find beauty in this incredible world, wherever you may be, and take time to stare in awe._mg_1410_mg_1413_mg_1419_mg_1417_mg_1425_mg_1426

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. I love it Jewelz! What pretty pictures! This is also the first time I've seen your pictures from Nashville – looks like you Cortona girls had a lot of fun!


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