Out West

This summer I had the chance of a lifetime to explore the beautiful land of Wyoming and Montana with my very best friend and soulmate, Julie. We took advantage of the outdoors every second of the seven days we were together, and to this day couldn’t tell you what was our favorite part! Everywhere we looked was another amazing view, and every person we met was down to earth, loved their life, and was eager to help two young travelers. We are so lucky to live in such a diverse country that offers us both strong urban and rural life. Coming from a 5 year span in Chicago, I desperately desired a week in the wilderness. And, having not lived in the same city as Julie for ten years, we couldn’t wait to spend seven uninterrupted days together. I’ll let the photos do the talking, because words can’t describe the wonderment, peace, and beauty of this week and this land. Without further adieu…_mg_1241_mg_1262bw_mg_1268bw_mg_1287_mg_1307_mg_1322_mg_1336_mg_1351_mg_1356bw_mg_1357_mg_1381bw_mg_1385_mg_1401_mg_1417bw_mg_1438_mg_1440_mg_1463bw_mg_1500bw_mg_1502bw_mg_1508_mg_1593bw_mg_1650_mg_1674_mg_1694_mg_1704bw_mg_1705bw_mg_1713bw_mg_1751_mg_1768_mg_1782bw_mg_1786_mg_1811bw_mg_1818bw_mg_1819_mg_1823bw_mg_1827_mg_1844_mg_1861_mg_1870bw_mg_1890_mg_1895bw_mg_1907bw_mg_1915_mg_1928bw_mg_1937_mg_1954_mg_1961_mg_1968bw_mg_1972

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