Goding’s Marathon

My PaPa opened a family gas station on Prairie Street in 1956. Since then, many of my family members, including myself, have worked there together. My Uncle Mike still owns the gas station today. The same charm surrounds the station as it did many years ago, but with more character and deeper roots. The vines are fully matured, and the horse stand is still in the same place. My amazing Grandma is an interior designer, and has incorporated warm, nostalgic elements throughout the small space. The memories there continue to grow, from when Chopper, the family dog, walked down the middle of Prairie Street every day to sit in the middle of the cold floor, to my uncle naming me his favorite employee, to the decision to sell the station and close the chapter. I didn’t realize how much the slight smell of gasoline and the damp atmosphere meant to me until I spent hours photographing it one beautiful Autumn day. I am grateful to have such simple memories here, like visiting my Papa at work every Wednesday when I was a kid. I’m dedicating this post to my Papa, my Uncle Mike, my Dad (who worked 60 hours a week as a mechanic when we were young), and to my entire family.  godings_001godings_0001bwgodings_0003bwgodings_0007godings_0013bwgodings_0020bwgodings_0030godings_0036bwgodings_0039bwgodings_0049bwgodings_0054godings_0056bwgodings_0057bwgodings_0060bwgodings_0064bwgodings_0071bwgodings_0074godings_0075bwgodings_0076godings_0088bw Copyright Groupon, Inc. 2012

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