When our friends and family heard we were going to Hawaii, they couldn’t stop talking about how beautiful, ethereal and relaxing this wonderful state is. Their words didn’t even come close to describe this magical place. Robert and I were able to take ten days away from Chicago winter to vacation across different cities on the island of Maui. Everything we planned exceeded our expectations – the hikes, the colors, the light, the beaches, the rum, the people, the fish…and of course, the engagement! I couldn’t imagine a more perfect place to get engaged to the most perfect, handsome man. Robert, I am so happy to be spending our lives together, and Hawaii, we will be back!001002003004005006008009010011012001300140150160170018019020021022


London, Paris, Milan

This summer I have travelled more than ever before, starting with a long trip to London, Paris, and Milan. I decided to focus on the people in these places – both tourists and locals – living and relaxing amongst these amazing works of architecture and history. Most of the people in the photos aren’t aware of what is surrounding them. Maybe they are locals that have become numb to the grandiosity that surrounds them every day, every moment. Maybe they are tourists taking a break from soaking in the unending amount of beauty, coming from places whose history isn’t as deeply rooted. Do I do that, too? Do I not appreciate the city I live in, the lake and river and architecture? Do I sit near it, drive through it, without paying mind more often than not? We can’t focus on that all the time, but I do hope I never take living in a city that people travel abroad to visit for granted.

Martha’s Vineyard

I was lucky this summer to join the Dietz/McMillan vacation this year in Martha’s Vineyard. This has been a 20+ year tradition for the wonderful family, to get away from busy city life and take it easy for a few weeks each year. Martha’s Vineyard was exactly as I imagined, multiplied by five. The mornings were slow, the days were relaxing, the weather was perfect, the meals and wine were light and delicious. This family has the type of easy dynamic that is beautiful to sit back and enjoy. They all have their roles, they have their inside jokes and stories and so much love and admiration for each other. Because it isn’t common for the group to be together, especially in a place as special to them as this, they were full of smiles and deep conversation the whole weekend. Saying I am lucky is an understatement – so thank you for inviting me to be a part of the tradition this year.001002003004005006007008008b008c009013014015016017018